Kastom Gaden Association (KGA)

KGA is the largest farmer organisation in the country with a large network of farmers (5,451 members), which are also part of Planting Material Network (PMN). KGA also has helped to strengthen their village structures by forming a number of Community Based Organizations (CBOs), who eventually become KGA’s rural based partners.  Its mission is to ‘Strengthen village-based food security in the Solomon Islands using participatory, practical, grass-roots approaches that enable village people to examine, understand, and develop their own solutions to improving household food security and village- based agriculture economy’

Seed Funding Title: Improving Local Food Crop Planting Material Production and Supply Systems for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods of Rural Populations in the Solomon Islands

Seed Funding Supported Activities:

  • Identification, collection and multiplication of improved varieties of root crops (sweet potato, yam, taro) to include planting and evaluation of superior vaities in genebanks operated by community-based farmer groups and training and distribution to establish active fields.
  • Establishment of two open-pollinated vegetable seed production centers in Malaita and KGA Burn Creek and provide seed saving training to 50 farmers from 3 provinces; Malaita, Western and Guadalcanal on aspects of rapid multiplication and small scale seed production and proper seed storage using appropriate, low cost technology / storage facilities.
  • Sensitization and awareness raising on the nutritional value of local foods and their importance in a diversified diet and management of NCDs and pest and disease and soil fertility management.