About the platform

This value chain coordinating/agricultural innovation (VCC/ AI) platform is an essential component of the CTA/IFAD/PIPSO project Promoting Nutritious Food Systems in the Pacific Islands.

The platform aims to support communication, networking, knowledge exchange and interactive learning among actors to enhance value chain performance in the Pacific. The platform will also support face-to-face capacity building and networking sessions, organized nationally and regionally in the framework of the programme.

How can you participate?

As a user, you have different options to engage with the platform and the other members:

  • Join as a member

    Register on the platform to discuss, share, and learn with other members. Participate in setting the agenda for an innovative agricultural sector in the Pacific.

  • Subscribe and stay updated

    Get the latest updates from the platform in your mailbox. You will receive daily updates in your inbox when new content is published.

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Who are the intended users?

We are building a community of members involved in promoting nutritious food systems in the Pacific Islands – from Governments and public national and sub-regional agencies, private agro-enterprises, decision-makers in international organisations and NGOs, producers and community based organisations (including farmers’ organisations), and financiers.

Who is behind the platform?

Hosted by PIPSO, the platform is being developed and maintained by a team of CTA and PIPSO staff, with financial support from IFAD and CTA. 

What are the platform features?

The platform presents the latest news and blogs, project updates, good practices, and shared learning. It features a country page for each of the countries in the project. It brings together a calendar of events organized as part of the project, or relevant for platform members. It also offers a library of key resources, divided into 8 main topics. Finally, the platform offers email-based discussion groups for communication among platform members.